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Networking Certification Practice Test

If you are looking for practice test for your coming networking certification exam, it should be these. Here you can find all the information about your certification exam, study guide, sample question and much more.

Prepare to Become a Network Engineer with CCNA Certification

Did you know that the job market that is so swift and cutthroat, hardly acknowledges your existence and does not create space for you? Moreover, you have the additional complexity of selecting a field where today’s most vital advancement will become out-of-date very next day. How do you be distinguished from everyone else in a market that is formerly exploding at its looks? This blog will help you obtain that setting out excellence with the Cisco CCNA certification. CCNA offers you the most advanced knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of networking, security, and programmability – as you’ve never practiced it before.

Essential Information About Cisco 200-301 Exam and It’ Relevant CCNA Certification

The CCNA 200-301 exam topics include a broad range of basic knowledge for every IT career. Once you pass this Exam contentedly, you will acquire extensive networking, security, and automation knowledge. The best thing about the CCNA is that it accommodates different IT areas; thus, not only it ensures a boost in your career, but it also exposes you to disciplines you may not have communicated with previously.

To start with, the suggested training program for the CCNA certification is called Implementing & Administering Cisco Solutions. You can take your learning method as the training program is administered in the form of virtual classes, class lectures, and e-learning. Each method of study takes an average of 8 days. Upon successfully finishing the training program, you can acquire a solid knowledge of the CCNA theories, comprising network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity and services, security fundamentals, programmability, and automation. How thorough is that? Have you started feeling prime yet? It even gets more satisfying!

Job Opportunities and Salary Scope To Expect with the CCNA Certification

Once you obtain this certification, the Cisco CCNA certification will also give you admittance to more excellent job opportunities in your discipline preference. A systems administrator with the CCNA certification has already prepared themselves for network administrator jobs. If you are a network administrator, the CCNA certification can speed up your journey towards becoming a skilled network engineer. This career advancement guarantees to pave the way towards the IT Director profile, and holding the Cisco CCNA certification is your proven way.

Hike in Salary with CCNA certification

PayScale.com estimates that CCNA certified professionals earn $78k per year. That could be you!

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Maybe you’re reading all this blog and thinking, “Well, I have already begun my career. Can I still take the Cisco 200-301 exam and earn CCNA certification?” Yes, of course! Whether you work as a support technician, an entry-level network engineer, an experienced network administrator, or a help desk technician, the Cisco CCNA certification is the best way to reinforce your knowledge and advance your career at the same time.

How to Earn CCNA Certification

Five simple steps will lead you to a CCNA certification. They are:

1. Organise Your Study Place

Select a place to study that is comfy and free of distractions and mess. Don’t study in bed and, above all, put your smartphone away. Turn off all notifications, and don’t be enticed to check your mailbox.

2. Read over the Syllabus

The next vital step would be to read the syllabus as it is vital to be well-versed with all the exam topics to feel anxiety-free at the exams.

3. Study for the Cisco 200-301 Exam

It is, certainly, the core of the entire exam preparation method. After having studied all the needed concepts, candidates are advised to begin preparing for the CCNA certification syllabus. You can utilize Cisco 200-301 practice tests offered by NWExam.com. The exam questions they contain will help you identify the weak areas you need to concentrate on. Moreover, they’ll give an insight into what is expecting of you at the Exam.

4. Schedule the CCNA Certification Exam

Once you feel completely prepared, you can register for the Exam at Pearson VUE computer-based exam provider and wait for the examination.

5. Take Frequent Breaks and Get Some Exercise

Take a break of five to 10 minutes, based on how long you’ve been studying for. A little exercise is better than none.


If you want to be universally acknowledged for your networking and business communication skills and to have an opportunity to receive more and always be at par with a rapidly changing industry, please keep aside everything right now and work hard to become Cisco CCNA certified professional. It is now easier as you have to pass only one Exam, the Cisco 200-301.

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